Sunday, February 16, 2014

Are You The Owner Of Your Own Body?

The young population is now suffering from a narcissistic epidemic caused by the modern conquest to look like a Greek god or goddess. The idea is pushed everywhere you go and of course social media such as Facebook and Twitter are spreading it even further with all kinds of photos of naked men and women, which are also accompanied by text – usually a hackneyed quote.

Whenever something becomes popular always try to find where the money comes from in order to understand what's the true driving force behind. In this case the finances come from nutritional supplements. It's the companies producers who want the epidemic to continue because increase of infected patients equals more sales of the supposed cure – supplements, magazines, seminars, clothes, gym memberships, equipment and other muscle related merchandise. The brainwashing and obsession have gone beyond boundaries and more and more people are getting into the game which is as always a double sided endeavor.

Michael Jastremski for

Cats don't have owners - only servants. Be a cat.
There is certainly no wrong with trying to improve your physical health through exercising but, as always, there is a large amount of disinformation spread like a really bad, yet popular, CD thanks to multimillion marketing strategies. As the number of people who want to know the secret to muscles raises the confusion deliberately increases. There are thousands of sites on the Internet dealing with this very same phenomenon and the number will continue to move upwards, because the demand is large and a cure is needed real bad.

This apparition has drilled an insanely large hole in the heads of the youth. They are reading endless amounts of research, posting on Internet forums, buying magazines, reading books, watching YouTube videos and basically living their lives under a six-pack dictatorship. I would not be surprised if a poll shows that 80% or so would be happy to trade a part of their brain for an inch of muscle on their arms.

All of this information has lead me to the following conclusion – people have forgotten who owns their bodies. We are always expecting someone else to tell us what to do and how to do it, the same why a child expects his parents to teach him. In case you don't know your body is more yours than it is anybody else's. You don't need to follow dogmas and there is nobody out there who has the truth – just a bunch of guys who pretends they do.

Truth is both – absolute but also personal. It's about your way of finding piece with nature and all books and methodologies are merely guidelines and the experience of other people who are quite often speculating with their position of authority – there is a lot of venom all over the place and that venom is ultimately helping only the big corporations and their salesmen. The more confused an individual is the more brainwashed and receptive to manipulation he becomes. More manipulation, more money.

Don't be confused no more – you are the owner of your OWN body and you should ask it first what to do instead of counting on other people to show you the right path. They won't, because their goal is for you to join their church, to subscribe to their YouTube channel and to follow the bogus information they are telling you. If you allow them to do that you are essentially giving them control over your body and they dictate what you do with it.

Use the information you read just as a guideline, not a religion.