Saturday, January 18, 2014

15 Historical Bodybuilding And Fitness Photos {18+}

Today presents 15 historical bodybuilding photos that in one way or another speak about the origins of the sport of bodybuilding as well as the whole weightlifting and fitness epidemic that has taken over the world the last decade or so.

Sites like are being flooded with fitness related videos while more and more teenagers are asking their mothers to buy magical muscle elixirs. Who saw that one coming?

Some of the pictures you are about to see and the comments underneath are not as positive as the naive followers of sites like T-Nation are used to – but this is  

Note: The material below is for people over 18 years of age. If you don't meet that criteria please leave the web-page.

Image credit: | Joe Weider and current Mr. Olympia Phil Heath considers Joe Weider a legendary con man and the father of the supplement scam. {Sorry}

Image credit: | Steve Reeves and his famous 28' inches waist.
Image credit: | Arnold holding a girl doll.

Note: There is something seriously wrong with the picture above.

Image credit: | Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler and his steroids

Note: Jay Cutler stores his steroids in the fridge

Image credit: | Mr. Olympia 1980: Arnold and Mike Mentzer arguing
Note: In 1980 all the rules of Mr. Olympia were broken so that Arnold can come back and compete. Mike Mentzer did not like that.

The famous transformation of Aziz Shavershian a.k.a Zyzz - he inspired millions of young people to take steroids, party hard and live for the moment.

Image credit: | Multiple times Mr.Olympia Iris Kyle

Note: The world of bodybuilding considers the above the best female body. Something went terribly wrong...

Image credit: | Multiple times Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman breathing through an oxygen mask due to severe dehydration and extreme dieting in order to present ultra "dry" and "lean" physique on stage.
Image credit: | Gregg Valentino who injected his arms with synthol and steroids in order to look like a monster.
Man training CrossFit style
African gym
Image source: | The king of "natural bodybuilding" Layne Norton becomes Dr. Laye Norton.
{We know, Layne!}
Rocky {Sylvester Stallone} starting the "drinking eggs is the best for muscle growth" myth.
Image credit: {Giuliano Stroe performs push-ups over 4 bottles at 7 years of age}
Image credt: | Arnold in love with himself.