Monday, January 20, 2014

5 Ways To Find Out If Someone Is Trying To Scam You

There are a lot of people out there who just want to get your hard earned money. Today presents 5 ways to make the task of salesman and con artists a little harder.


One of the ways to detect a scam is to identify the person or group of people trying to sell you something. For example, most TV commercials hire professional actors who would do just about anything to get their paycheck in the end of the day. The product they advertise could be of little value to them and yet they will push it in your face and describe in glorious ways. Always ask yourself – who is that person in front me and if he has the secret to everything why does he need to sell it to me so hard?

2.Value detection

When you are about to act on some kind of a deal always ask yourself this – is it valuable? If somebody on the street says: “Buy the newest iPhone for just USD 100, brand new.” there is obviously some kind of a catch since the object in question is much more valuable on the market. The price of a product or service should always be determined by its value according to the specific situation and not in general or 10 years ago. What do you get for your money? Shit and chocolate have the same color and both fit in small packages.

3.Body language

The body language of a person, including voice level and ton, could be a key when trying to identify a potential scam. Usually, if someone is trying to lie to you they will avoid eye contact and will touch his face a lot. Of course, all of this is very basic but quite often basic works.

People who have severe presence of signs like Cancer, Scorpio and to an extend Aquarius in their astrological chart tend to also have very developed inner intuition and can read people more easily than other heroes of the zodiac. Yes, believes in astrology.


In order to drive a salesman crazy one should start asking all kinds of questions in order to make the broker's mind exercise a little. They hate it, even the good ones. Once you've asked all your questions start all over again with the first one to see if the salesman gives you the same answer. It's going to be fun.

5.No miracles

While all of the above is somewhat useful and can help you spot a scam the real secret is hidden in the good old saying: “Too good to be true.” Very few things in this life represent what others want you to believe they are and while there might be roses, champagne and pretty girls on the front door you should remember that every house also has a toilet and a garbage can where you might be going after passing through the entrance. 

Be aware and remember that nothing in the world is free and you can only cheat humans but not nature.

P.S. Stay away from guys like Robert Kiyosaki. They are all frauds.


  1. Congratulations! It is the beginning of another birthday month for you. In any given year you do not always have the same feelings and attitudes every time the Sun makes his journey through your sign, but no matter what the circumstances, you can take advantage of the positive potential by making it a special time for renewing inner energy and vitality, and your faith in yourself as an individual. Reflect on what the past has taught, look forward to where you would like to be, and above all, resolve to meet and overcome every challenge that the future holds.

  2. Was the astrology part meant to be sarcastic?

    1. No. Astrology is real, but not as useful as some people want you to believe. No sarcasm.

    2. Finally a point were you are wrong. Human after all.

    3. The "Astrology is real" is a little too broad for me to critique, I admit. Yes, astrology is real as in "people practice astrology". There is, however, no evidence of the unique claims of astrology. In other words, I need an example or two of the claims of astrology you believe to be real, if that is the case. My experience-based pessimism does not permit me to expect you and I to reach any form of agreement, though, in which case this will be just another boring internet discussion :-)

      Great work you do, nonetheless. I check this blog every day - thanks!