Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Johnny's Adventures In The Muscle World: Old Friend

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Molly was right in front of the hospital where she once left California Muscle for repair. After a short moment of hesitation she entered the building and started climbing the stairs on the way to the room of Cali. She hated hospitals because they reminded her how weak humans were after all and that life was a dead end street. Like most people she didn't like that feeling and tried to avoid such places as much as possible. To this day she never understood why anybody would want to be a doctor but she was glad that there were people that stupid.

'Hello, Cali! How is my big boy doing?', said Molly standing at the door of the room. Cali Muscle did not hear anything because he was sleeping and dreaming. That's why Molly had to wake him up.

'Wake up you big pile of steroids.', said Molly.

'Hey, I heard that.' {Cali}

'Damn, you not only look bad but you also sound bad.' {Molly}

'Fuck you bitch. Why are you here in the first place? Didn't you get what you wanted?' {Cali}

'No, big fat panda! The file was corrupt.'

'Damn, files these days...back in my day stuff like that never happened.' {Cali}

'Look, we have a job.', said Molly and explained about the map and golden the monument.

'Damn, I knew that the motherfucker holding his dick at the top of that building was special.' {Cali}

'What do you think is in it?' {Molly}

'I don't know.', but whatever it is better make me rich as hell when we steal it.', said California Muscle and started dreaming. Unfortunately for him it was a short one. The steps of men running down the hall were heard and Molly decided to see what is it all about – the people of Antonio Montana. They were coming back for her.

'Come on, we gotta run.'

'Bitch, I am in a hospital bed. What are you talking about?'

'Unless you you get up right now and start running you will remain in one for a much longer time.'

California Muscle got out of bed. It was a painful thing to do but he didn't scream because he didn't want to look like a big pussy in front of Molly which was a super tough girl in his eyes. They started walking fast towards the opposite exit down the end of the hall.

'Here they are.', said one of the bad guys – the fatter one. He was also bald but had a good jaw structure and women liked him and/or his big wallet. He was not a good fucker, however. Nobody is a good fucker anyway.

Molly acted on impulse and got the M-16 rifle out of her bag. Everybody in the hospital looked cured – the patients started screaming and running all over the place. Jesus wouldn't be able to cause such sensation if he was to appear at that point.

Molly and California Muscle were soon in the car. They were going to get Johnny.

To be continue...