Saturday, January 18, 2014

Johnny's Adventures In The Muscle World: The Golden Picture

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The tree house was now secure and Little J and California Muscle have obtained the perfect position to take a million dollar picture. The camera they “bought” from the pawn shop was so powerful that shooting photos from a few miles was a not problem. It was about 6 p.m. and the deal was usually happening about 7 p.m. or right after Antonio Montana's arm workout. Cali and Johnny decided to experiment with their equipment while they were waiting. Johnny opened the box of the powerful camera and started assembling it. After a few minutes he was done: 'Let's test it!', he said.

The equipment was so big that in some positions it required more than one pair of hands or at least a tripod. Johnny pointed it towards the building in front and looked through the viewer. The landscape surpassed his expectations. The lenses and optical zoom of the machine were so good that viewing objects located in the center of the town was not a problem. Johnny decided to check how the room of Antonio Montana looked through those majestic binoculars. What he saw was unexpected, to say the least. Molly was there.

'Isn't that Molly?', said Little J to California Muscle who was checking whether the nuns have forgotten some of their weed and cigarettes. There was none.

'Are you kidding me? Let me see! ', said Cali and pushed Johnny a little bit. The scrawny boy was not lying:

'Are you kidding me? Let me see!', said Cali and pushed Johnny a little bit. The scrawny boy was not lying. It was really Molly, even though her hair was a different color. She was dressed in a nice red dress and strangely enough was holding a teddy bear which she carefully placed on the desk of Antonio Montana and left. The teddy was obviously a hidden camera but California Muscle needed more than the average time to realize it.

How did Molly get there before them and why was she in Antonio's room in the first place seemed were questions troubling Cali's mind. However, there was not much time left to think because it was already time for deal. After 10 minutes Antonio Montana entered the crime scene. He was holding a huge instrument case. There were also three men next to him and each of them was carrying a briefcase.

One of them was Christian T. He was the shortest one and was also bald due to constantly injecting himself with powerful anabolic steroids. Antonio opened the case – it was full of illegal growth hormone imported from Mexico.

'U mirin' brahs?*', said Antonio to the buyers. After seeing the drugs the three men next to him opened their briefcases – they were all full of “Benjamins.” At that point one could literally observe Antonio Montana shape shift into a greedy reptile.

'Got you bastards', said California Muscle while taking golden pictures with the powerful camera. One of the steps that was going to make California Muscle And Johnny J free of all charges was already complete, or so did they thought.

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*'U mirin' brahs' - slang for 'Do you admire what you see, brothers?'