Saturday, January 25, 2014

39 Reasons Why Biceps Are The Most Trained Muscle Group

1.Big biceps have been accepted as the universal sign of strength.

2.Biceps were one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's most developed body parts. All wannabes want big biceps.

3.Biceps are almost always visible unlike glutes.

4.Biceps are easy to train and do not cause much stress on the nervous system.

5.There is a myth that women get wet when they touch a pair of hard biceps.

6.You don't need heavy weights when you train biceps.

7.Biceps are used as stabilizers when you masturbate.

8.Biceps are the arm flexors and every time you put food in your mouth you flex them.

9.Big biceps are like delicious food – only too much is enough.

10.Arnold Schwarzenegger's said that getting a pump was like cumming. Those words came out of his mouth while his was training biceps.

11.Unless you have big biceps you will always be asked whether you lift weights or not.

12.Society considers guys with big biceps alpha males cause they look intimidating.

13.Growing biceps equal growing ego.

14.Every time you flex your biceps in front of a mirror you also test the pipes down stairs cause most people get a boner when they are checking out their pythons (arms).

15.You have small biceps and I want to have epic sex with you.' - said no woman or man ever.

16.If big biceps were another body part they would be dick and tits in one.

17.Big biceps can not be bought. Although you need to buy steroids and food to get them.

18.Big biceps are the second best thing to dick enlargement.

19.Bigger biceps allow for bigger tattoos on your arm.

20.Having big biceps make you look sexy when you donate blood.

21.Big biceps is something that makes even billionaires jealous.

22.Big biceps are a good investment in the long run and always relevant. Like tits.

23.Big biceps are like a good friend – they always stay with you {as long as you train, inject and eat}.

24.Size matters.

25.Pictures of big biceps get the most “Likes” on Facebook, from men.

26.Big biceps are the way a grown man says: “I am in love with myself.”

27.Big biceps are God's apology to bald men.

28.Justin Bieber has small biceps and he sucks.

29.If small biceps were music it would sound like Justin Bieber.

30.Big biceps are like big tits – you can grab them when you fall.

31.The bank can come and take your TV but not your big biceps.

32.Big biceps are like having that kinda of money that make a skinny bitch bitter.

33.If big biceps were a hooker it would be the kind of hooker you want to see in the morning next to you.

34.'I want you to have chicken arms.', said no God ever.

35.When you have big biceps you don't need long sleeves.

36.If getting big biceps is easy everybody would have a pair.

37.Dicks may buy girls but big biceps buy men.

38.Wearing golden jewelry may look cool in a suit that hides your body but having huge fucking biceps looks better when you are naked. God wants you to be naked.

39.If Mark Zuckerberg had big biceps there would be no Facebook addiction since he would be too busy having sex. {no necessary with women}. Big biceps are the cure to Facebook addiction.