Saturday, January 11, 2014

Time To Think For Yourself: Jim Wendler And T-Nation

Recently, one of the readers of has left a comment in which he complained about how the popular powerlifter Jim Wendler charges USD 20 for his forum. We decided to investigate the issue and see what is really going on. It turns out that Mr. Wendler truly has a paid forum with monthly subscription.

Obviously, it's not illegal to have a message board with paid membership. The problem here is the double standard displayed by Mr. Wendler who has written the following: “Don’t fall for the crap that people are peddling on message boards, in magazines or on TV.” {source}.

So, he is not a big fan of message boards but having a paid one yourself seems to be perfectly fine?

On top of everything Mr. Wendler, who is the poster boy for “I don't give a fuck” mentality, has written numerous articles on T-Nations which is a site selling ineffective supplements to young and not so young people eager to look like the models they see, in the almost pornographic pictures on that web-site. In one of his articles Mr. Wendler has even taken the liberty to present his “stack of supplements”. IronGangsta took a screen shot of that particular piece of supposedly useful information. {source}

As you can see from the image above Mr. Wendler has basically become a T-Nation supporter and by now most of you probably know IronGangsta's position on that company – run away, they just want your money.

It seems that Mr.Wendler, however, finds that the products of the company are “worth their weight in gold”. Interestingly enough in an old brief interview on Mr. Wendler has stated that according to him the secrets to getting big are: “Dbol (anabolic steroid) and Milk”. You can see the video here: 

So, what is the secret to big muscles, Mr. Wendler - “Dbol and milk” or “Indigo 3G and Plazma”? 

To those of you who are unaware, every powerlifter who competes at a high level has used or is using some kind of anabolic steroids. Supplements have never been a crucial part in the preparation process. They are just a nice addition that is meant to allow the fitness industry to exist on the back of ignorant individuals.

Most of the supplements companies out there have no respect for the little guy. Their way of justifying their actions is as follows:

“If the individuals buying our products are foolish enough to believe that all they need to look like a fitness model are protein powder and creatine they deserve to be scammed.”

This is an extremely lame statement and is no different than a professional fighter saying:

“Anybody who is small and weak and does not know how to fight should not complain that he is taking a beating.”

Being ignorant on a specific subject does not make you a bad person but it could turn you into a victim. If a medical professional is selling placebo drugs to a sick patient most would consider that doctor immoral and even evil. So, why is it fine to use the same scheme when it comes to training? After all, as Will Smith has said: “Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.”

Mr. Jim Wendler and the gentlemen from T-Nation are welcome to continue with their symbiosis based on hypocrisy. We know it will never end and we don't expect it to. Maybe the next time there will be a report revealing the existence of new miraculous gas based supplement which makes you bigger and leaner by just inhaling it? We have now idea. What we do know, however, is that IronGangsta will be here to read between the lines for those who can't.