Monday, January 20, 2014

Johnny's Adventures In The Muscle World: New Clothes

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After Molly presented the situation to Little J and California Muscle they had no choice but to agree with her proposal since their ultimate goal was to put Antonio Montana behinds bars. Before starting to work on a strategy something else had to be done first.

'You both look like garbage bags. When was the last time you've showered?', said Molly who did not try to hide her disgust.

'We were too busy protecting ourselves from gunfire and fists. Sorry, we had no time to buy suits.', answered California Muscle while Little J was preparing to show her the middle finger but did not.

'Time to go shopping then.' {Molly}

The town was quite famous with its futuristic male clothing stores from the chain: “Make It Look Bigger, Please!”. Those were clothing shops specifically dedicated to make men look bigger and more muscular than they were. However, everything there was very expensive and only a few could afford to put on the magic clothes. Needless to say, California Muscle and Little J were not part of the chosen ones. Despite all that this exactly where Molly took them.

'Please, tell me you are joking. I am not stealing anything from here.', said California Muscle after they were in one of the stores.

'Don't worry, silly! We have plenty of cash to afford a few suits! I sold your steroids and growth hormone.' {Molly}. When California Muscle heard that his steroids and the ones of his father, CT Flat Brain, were sold, most likely for cheap change, he was quite close to killing a few people around him. Thankfully, he was able to hold his nerves back and just squeezed the hand of Molly real hard. 'Aw. Stop that.', she said.

After about 1 hour of selection Johnny and Cali were now dressed in suits from the latest product line of “Make It Look Bigger, Please!”. It was an amazing first hand experience.

'It's so soft. I feel like I can live here forever.', said Johnny while checking himself in the mirror and trying to look real gangsta. On the other hand California Muscle was not so happy with his suit since everything was too tight for him and he was quite disappointed. 'Make it look bigger my ass.', he said.

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Molly already haa a suit prepared for the mission.

'Don't complain like a little boy. Nobody makes clothes for steroid loaded bodybuilders. It's the CrossFit look that's is fashionable right now.', said Molly while checking her Facebook account on her phone.

Once the clothes shopping was done it was time to buy proper weaponry because you just don't go break in the house of a steroid/growth hormone kingpin without some real force. Since real guns were too expensive and potentially dangerous Molly decided to offer a different solution – big water guns and professional slingshots as a secondary weapon of choice. There was one modification though – the water guns had to be filled with cat urine. {the smell could kill an elephant}. By about 6 p.m. Molly, Cali and Little J were ready with everything and it was time for some action.

'Are were really doing this.', said Johnny.

'Yes, were are.', replied Molly and Cali in one voice. They though it was cute and started laughing.

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