Monday, January 20, 2014

Johnny's Adventures In The Muscle World: Devil in a Red Dress

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California Muscle and Little J were now in a jail cell for assault of a police officer. Their position was getting more and more uncomfortable and their leverage weaker and weaker.

'It's your fault, you dumb fuck!”, said Cali.

“Why me?”, answered Johnny.

“Because you are the one who dropped the barbell in the first place. Stupid skinny...”

“Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!”, said Little J and even tried to punch California Muscle but in the middle of the hit his brain restarted and he stopped with the hand in the air. Cali looked at him, angry as hell, and sat on the bench. After a few hours of silence Johnny said:

'Look man, I am sorry. We have to work together in order to get out of this situation.'

'How? We can't even pay our bail! It's USD 2 000! We are going to stay here for a long, long time!'

'Ding Ding' {someone knocked on the metal prison cell}

It was Molly.
'Let's go guy! I need your help.', said the devil in red dress. Everything about her was screaming S-E-X. It turns out that Molly has paid the bail of the muscle duo but like everything in life there was a catch. On their way out of the police station Johnny pointed a middle finger at the police officer Lyle McDonald's and said “Fuck you!” by just moving his lips and not making any sound. Once outside Cali started talking:

'Bitch, we want our money, drugs and IDs back.'

'Easy, muscle boy. There is time and place for everything. Remember I was the one who got you out of the little bird cage.'

'Yes, but that's the least you could do after screwing us over.', said Johnny who seemed awfully happy to use adult language.

'Shut up. Puppy boy! What is the real reason you came back, Molly?', said Cali Muscle.

'The truth is I need your help with an investigation against Antonio Montana. I am not who you think I am.'

'Who are you? And we know about the cameras in Antonio's house.' {California Muscle}

'I am a private investigator and was hired by the private organization to find evidence against Antonio Montana. That's why I planted the spy cameras in his room. Photos seemed to be an insufficient proof. I need to go back and the spy cameras but I can't do it on my own.', explained Molly.

'What do you need us for? Can't you just do it like the first time?' {Johnny}

'No. The first time I was able to break in after pretending to be interested in dating Antonio Montana. If I meet with him one more time he may expect me to do more than just be a good listener. That's why I need someone to cover me and since you are not in a position to reject offers I decided to use your services', said Molly while putting on red lipstick.

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