Thursday, January 23, 2014

Crossfitianism Takes Over - Collection Of Crossfit Memes (25 photos)

The Crossfit army has already flooded and taken over social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more. People are posting all kinds of religious memes and photos meant to spread the pureness of the Crossfitianism /Crossfit Religion/. They are everywhere and virtually everybody has a friend constantly bragging about how he/she does Crossfit and how much of a bards he/she is for exercising in that fashion. 

Well, has news for you - Crossfit has become an extremely popular and therefor broken religion. Many are following it without realizing what it is - a complete fraud and mix of lies and truths meant to confuse people. Nobody denies that it is good to exercise but the end goal of every Crossfit workout is simply to get exhausted by doing all possible exercises for the sake of posting a sweaty selfie of yourself on Facebook.

Doing CrossFit is better than sitting on your bed and watching TV but people have to realize that when you do Crossfit - every day is EGO day. It has become a normal practice to inform everybody that you've had a great WOD {workout of the day} which makes one wonder why are not people posting messages on Facebook after a good s-e-x session?

Below are 25 funny Crossfit memes, 2014