Saturday, January 25, 2014

Johnny's Adventures In The Muscle World: Bad Bitch or Genius?

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Johnny was starting to think that Molly was one of the most cold-blooded bitches he was ever going to meet. She stabbed him in the back once and by the looks of it she did it again by leaving him tied to the bed next to his mother who was screaming like a crazy person.

He was right. Molly was truly a cold-blooded reptilian like bitch and a back stabber. She was a true and complete representative of the Scorpio zodiac sign – back bitter and a slut {or simply a bitch}. With all that being said she needed Johnny to find the map which Christian T and Antonio Montana exchanged. That's why she came back to take Johnny. Once Molly untied Little J and his mother the latter slapped her in the face and said: '

'Back in my day women were women and did not need M-16 rifles to prove a point.'

Little J's mother was a former wrestler and wasn't afraid to fight. She grabbed the latest issue of 'Flex Your Dick Muscle Magazine' {Little J's favorite read since starting bodybuilding} and began to beat furiously both Molly and Johnny.

'I never want to see you again. Take your little sadomasochistic whore with you and never come back.', added the angry mother and pushed them outside.

'Damn, your mother really loves you.' {Molly}

'Why the hell did you do all that bullshit and what was on the video, blondie?', said Little J while trying to act real tough only to fail miserably. Molly was never going to be intimidated by such pathetic attempts.

'The video was corrupted and I couldn't see anything. We are still in the hole.' {Molly}

'Are you fucking kidding me? We need that video in order to finally get our lives back.', said Little J and started walking in a small circle in order to calm himself down. That was his trick.

'I have an idea. Why don't we go train a little bit. I think you've skipped plenty of workouts already. When was the was time you trained your arms. They look smaller.', said Molly who knew very well that those words put a grenade in Johnny's soul. When you are a seriously addicted bodybuilder missing workouts is never an option but when somebody could actually see you getting smaller before his eyes was the worst.

'You are right. I am getting smaller but where are we going to find a gym. They will kill me if I show at Crap Is Golden Gym.', said Johnny sounding like a newborn baby.

'How about Homo Planet Gym?', offered Molly while being complete aware that this was the place where Christian T was usually training. She wanted to get some information out of him regarding the map.

'Are you serious? I thought that was a gay gym, like gay bars.', said Johnny.

'It's only gay if you want it to be gay.', replied Molly and started the car she stole from Antonio Montana.

'Let's hit the weights then.'

After 24.5 minutes Molly and Little J were already approaching Homo Planet Gym.

'We have to stop here and hide the car. Somebody can recognize it belongs to Antonio Montana.', said Molly. There was a nice supermarket nearby and it seemed like the perfect place to leave the monster on wheels. Johnny even bought a protein waffle from the stoe{he was that ignorant!} because the ones in the gyms were grossly overpriced.

Once the “couple” was in Homo Planet Gym Molly started looking around for Christian T. Initially she failed to see him but on her second attempt she spotted him – he was bench pressing, like always. This time however seducing him was going to be harder than last time. He wasn't alone – his wife was training with him. She was a bodybuilder as well. The fact that she had small boobs and was ugly as hell was on Molly's side but she was his wife and seducing someone with his women present in the same room next to him was considered the ultimate test for every slut.

Challenge accepted!

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