Sunday, January 26, 2014

Johnny's Adventures In The Muscle World: Show Me The Money

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This time Molly decided to play the “tough girl card.”

'Let's bench press.', {Molly}

'Hm...sure.', replied Johnny with a very nervous voice. The reason was that he was afraid Molly may be stronger than him and push more weight. It's the worse that can happen to your self-esteem – being outbenched by a girl.

Molly and Johnny approached the bench press station right next to Christian T and started warming-up. Up to about 135lbs Molly was feeling pretty strong, however, after the weight got up to 150lbs she started doing partial repetitions in order to save her strength. Johnny saw that and said:

'You need to let the barbell touch your chest and the push the weight back up.'

'Fuck you and and put 225lbs on the bar.' {Molly – she had a plan}

Johnny knew very well that 225lbs was a weight Molly would never be able to press up but he had “enough of this bitch” and decided to play along. 225lbs or 4 plates were loaded on the bar. Molly grabbed the weight – her arms were shaking like sausages. This is never a good sign when you are bench pressing. She lowered the weight all the way to her chest and tried to push-up: 'Uh........'. She failed and asked Johnny for help but the weight was too heavy even for him. This is when her bald savior Christian T a.k.a The Anaconda Man came to save her. He took the 225lbs barbell and performed a bicep curl. Molly was free. {little did he know that it was all part of her plan}.

'Are you trying to kill yourself? Your spotter is pure shit.' {Christian T.}

'It's all good. Usually I rep this weight but I had a very rough couple of days and obviously my recovery is not up to par. How is the juice that you bought from me? Is it delicious?', said Molly while scratching her calves.

'Ah...the juice. It's perfect.' {Christian T}

'What juice? Are you taking steroids again?', said the wife of Christian T {the couple was training together}

'Of course not, honey. You know I have health problems and can't take that shit.', lied Christian T. a.k.a. The Anaconda Man.

'I hope you are telling the truth. Let's go to the pec deck machine and pump your pecs.' {Christian T's wife/husband}

'Just a moment, honey. Start without me. I want to make sure that this lady is ok.', replied Christian T who almost shit the bed this time. He knew very well that his wife was going to kick him out if she found out that he was lying about his heart problems and was taking all the steroids known to man kind.

'I see what you did right there. S-E-X-Y. Your wife doesn't know about your addiction to hormones.', said Molly while touching her right tit pretending that it was hurting because of the bench pressing she did. Then Molly told Johhny to buy her a protein shake to calm her down after such an intense bench press session.

Once Christian T and Molly were alone they started talking:

'Shut up. She can't know about any of this, if I want to live.' {the Anaconda Man}

'What will daddy do to make me shut up.' {Molly}

'What do you want?'

'Tell me about that map you exchanged with Antonio you fucktard or I am going to tell your wife that you are not only using steroids but also fucking other women on daily basis.', said Molly.

'Ok. I will tell you all about it. Meet me tomorrow morning at the office. I work for Gay-Nation. Here's my card.'

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