Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kill Softly, Get Richer

What is the difference between cigarettes & alcohol and drugs? Why is one legal and widely used while the other is illegal and widely used? What separates those two kinds of goods? It certainly isn't the nutritional value.

If both, cigarettes and drugs, kill what gives the right to the government to collect profits from excise on cigarettes? Tobacco goods are considered a deadly weapon. It's even written on the label - “Smoking kills.” Does this mean that if a drug dealer writes “Narcotics are addictive and kill people.” on his product it's fine to sell it?

Every day there are special operations against cigarette and alcohol contraband. If someone is involved in cigarette contraband he/she/them fear(s) serious consequences imposed by the government which plays the role of a regulator that chooses what is acceptable and what isn't, or should I say what puts money in the budget and what doesn't. When cigarette company like Philip Morris writes an annual report an increase of cigarette addiction is considered a profit. The more addicts there are, the more expensive the whores and the cars. If the big corporations and the state make money it's all fine – that's why the government puts so much effort into fighting cigarette and alcohol contraband – they do it for the money, not for your health. The illegal market steals from the national budget, or so they say.

Why are products like cocaine and heroine illegal for recreational usage? First, they kill much faster. Second, they generate less money over a longer period of time. A serious smoker who smoked for 40 years is a stable source of income while a drug addict who loses everything he has in a matter of a few years is more of a financial injection that ends much faster. The smoker is a contract while the drug addict pays in cash. In the long run the smoker is much better investment and makes the government more legal money.

The drug channels are controlled by the same people that sell you bread – the state authorities. Don't you think a powerful country like the U.S. can take out some dirty drug dealers? Do you think the billions invested in security and military equipment are not enough to scare some poor educated kingpins? Come on, the police needs evidence only in the movies. The senseless military operations prove that every day.

Everything that kills you slowly is considered good – McDonald's, cigarettes, alcohol, chocolate, Coca-Cola, aspartame, Haribo, pancakes, skittles, prescription drugs, polluted air... A slow murder is legal, but a fast one isn't.

After all, a step by step death is considered “natural” while a fast one causes reactions like “what a pity, he was so young”.

Kill them softly, the rich club is waiting for you.