Monday, January 27, 2014

Master Manipulation – Create The Problem And Offer The Solution

There are many ways to manipulate people but the coolest one seems to be – the double trick. First, a problem must be created. A problem so big that it becomes a huge issue. Then a solution must be offered and that solution has to be so sophisticated and expensive that only a few are able to provide it.

History is full of good example. All of you know that many including 9/11 are well planned by the corrupt management of this world and are meant to make people feel afraid and weak without protection from the government. The problem has been created – terrorism. The solution is of course war. The provider of the solution is of course the government. The payer as always is the nation. The victims are the people and the ones to benefit are the rich families that have taken over the human race and enslaved it. This is a perfect example of master manipulation – create the problem, spread it and offer the solution.

Obviously, the government of the U.S. cannot just say: “We need to attack (country of choice) and take their oil.” The world and the American nation will never agree to something like that. Therefor a a problem must be created so that its solution gives opportunity to take what you want.
The same scheme can take place on a much lower level.


A company that sells alarms for cars needs to find a way to increase its sales. The management hires individuals with shady past to perform car thefts so that vehicle owners are scared and the purchases of car alarms increase as a result. Similar tactics happen quite often in the business word but are not obvious to the untrained and distracted eyes not knowing where where to look.

The best thing about this technique is that it offers an opportunity to perform an action which otherwise would have been rejected by the public.

A good portion of the successful execution of similar plan depends on mainstream media. Most people do not investigate what they see on the news for various reasons and therefor fall for the official explanation of the phenomenon.

P.S. In the world of fitness the same trick is observed. The magazines show us something that we want – sexy body. A problem has been created – how are you going to get that sexy body? Then, the magazines shows us the way – through supplements or some kind of a mysterious way to train.


  1. hello,i have been reading your blog some time now and i must say i really love it! i got 1 question i need you to answer me,do you think the new fitness channel called buff dudes are actually naturals? they both have good size,but their bodies do not look tremendously huge,here is the channel

  2. You have to understand that you don't have to be 300lbs to be on steroids. There are people who are 135 lbs and use growth hormone and steroids.

    As fars the buff dudes (wtf) are concerned - compare them to Zyzz who was on tons of gear and decide for yourself.

    I doubt those guys are natural.

    1. i used to think that only people who looked like ronie coleman took roids...nowadays not. Its just hard to realize that almost everyone is on gear,actually its so ugly that at some point i almost felt like quiting the weighlifting game altogether. I mean you dont live like a "normal" person,you dont drink,smoke,eat mc donalds and shit,yet what you get is to look "normal" in the end and not "WOW". But w/e,we can do the best for us i guess. We are gonna make it in the end (as zyzz used to say :P)

    2. do you think that a natural guy could get to their lvl of physique after working out for a very long time? (6-7+years)