Sunday, January 26, 2014

25 Things You Need To Learn About The Fitness Industry

1.Without abusing steroids you will never be as big as the men in g-strings you see in magazines.

2.There isn't a secret training method out there that will make you look like the Hodge Twins.

3.Supplements are made out of pig food.

4.Creatine is a useless supplement.

5.Eating as much as a professional bodybuilders will only make you fat.

6.Jesus does not exist but if he did he will not give a fuck about squats.

7.Fitness people are stupid, just to go a bodybuilding expo.

8.Small muscles do not equal frequent s-e-x but the same is true for big muscles.

9.True natural bodybuilders can only be found in the gym – they are the smallest ones.

10.Everybody knows that you train to get the girls.

11.Steroids do work on anybody but can kill you and cost money and balls.

12.Size matters – despite what they tell you.

13.Kettlebells don't make you better. Training does.

14.Pavel Tsatsouline, Mark Rippetoe, T-Nation and are business men.

15.There is a sucker born every minute.

16.Bodybuilders don't live “pure lives.”

17.You don't need a lot of protein.

18.There is not such things as body re-composition – you can't lose fat and muscle at same time unless you use chemicals.

19.Not everybody can get big naturally.

20.Guys like Dave Tate have been on steroids for decades and have no testosterone in their balls.

21.Zyzz was a narcissistic and ignorant person. He didn't change anything.

22.All guys behind the famous fitness YouTube channels are on steroids but will never admit since they are making money and have each other's back.

23.90% of the bodybuilders masturbate in front of Web Cams. Sometimes for fun, sometimes for cash.

24.99% of the research in the bodybuilding field is made up on the spot or faked by supplement companies.

25.Supplements sold by T-Nation are useful only if you need a bottle to store pennies or nails.