Sunday, January 19, 2014

How The Fitness Industry Makes Money In a Nutshell

1.Products & services

The fitness sector, like any other industry, offers products and services to its customers. For the most part the largest amount of financial gains are made through sales of supplements, books, magazines, clothes, gym memberships and personal training services. This is the most profitable sector of the industry.

In order for people to be attracted to the goods offered by the muscle industry there must be an “explanation” why anybody would want to be part of something like this in the first place. This is where advertisement comes very handy.


Another way for the muscle industry to generate revenue is through advertisement. You could be a huge bodybuilder but that does not mean that your career in advertising should be limited to the world of heavy iron. It most likely will be, however, since the majority of the population that is not involved in the sport does not find extremely muscular men in miniscule underwear aesthetically pleasing. At the same time large bodybuilding magazines are eager to sell supplements and the best way to do it is to use bodybuilders and fitness models with large following as cover faces. A contract with a supplement company is something many are striving to achieve even if it means “selling your soul to the devil”.


Since the fitness maniacs are known for their muscular, toned and firm bodies it is not uncommon for some of the athletes/models/posers to make money by offering sexual related services like G4P (gay for pay), exotic dancing, erotic movies, Web-cam dancing..etc. It happens quite often. Bodybuilders and fitness competitors are notorious for living for the moment. Therefor they never have enough savings to cover their diet and steroids expenses as well as the party lifestyle that is so common today. Extra income is welcome. After all money does not stink.

4.Drug dealing

Another way to make a living in the fitness world is to go to the dark side and become an illegal distributor of medical products that normally require prescription from a medical professional. According to underground sources there are famous people with well established supplement lines who are also drug dealers and supply their clients with growth hormone, anabolic steroids, pain killers and even recreational drugs.