Thursday, January 16, 2014

Life Goes On: Layne Norton Wins

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.

-Robert Frost

Today it became official – Mr. Dr. Layne Norton has won his battle against the CEO of Ice Cream Fitness Jason Blaha. {More}. For those of you who don't know a few months ago Mr. Jason Blaha accused Mr. Dr. Layne Norton of using illegal drugs such as anabolic steroids during his preparations for bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions. According to the official information in the media Mr. Dr. Layne Norton has spent over USD 24,000 on legal fees during the whole process. Some time ago would have written a much angrier intro than the one above. Today, however, we see no point in doing so.

There are certain things in life that make you feel like you are trying to break the wall with your head – in the end you are always the loser. One of those things is fighting against money. You can't win the fight against money. Money always wins because it has a larger following. Mr. Dr. Layne Norton and his egoistically driven lawsuit are a good example. USD 24,000 or so were spent on an accusation made on There are countries where in order to earn that kind of money you have to work for years but in this case we have big corporate supplements companies ready to cover the losses in order to make even more cash.

The goals seem to justify the means, as always.

Big money is always made by taking little and sometime not so little from average people who work 10 hours or more every day just to be alive. There are no exceptions to this rule – TV stars, Hollywoods stars, Rock stars, bodybuilding stars, cigarette companies, drug dealers – all of them make money by taking a little bit from ordinary people every single day. This is something that will never change and should be looked at as a constant factor, similar to the way people treat things like death and aging – no way to escape. The fact that supplement companies will continue to present IFBB pros as natural bodybuilders using anabolic steroids is also one of those things. IronGangsta has been informing its readers about similar issues since the start but we don't expect the injustice to stop in this lifetime. Our fight is sort of like Bill Maher's fight against religion. {More}

Life will go on and people will continue to buy protein powders (food for pigs), creatine (expensive urine), amino acids...etc in the hope to get shredded and big and fill emotional voids. In the meanwhile the muscle magazines will forever use the image of steroids addicts to sell their goods to the new suckers born every minute. During the process well connected lawyers will continue to get their fat checks for finding loop holes day after day. does not have a solution to this problem. We can tell you what we consider to be the truth but it all ends there and the fitness world is just a small example of the corrupt world we are all part of and to which we all contribute consciously or not. There are no saints on this planet. There will never be.

In just a few words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it's a “bitch” and it goes on.

“gangsta” version of Robert Forst's quote.

P.S. Mr. Dr. Layne Norton has written in his official report that fans of Mr. Jason Blaha have threatened the family of the former. We can't possibly know if that's true or not but just in case we recommend that you read this article.