Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Johnny's Adventures In The Muscle World: Time For Some Action

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The guns were loaded with cat urine. The slingshots were in their pockets and Molly was hotter than ever. The plan was simple.

Molly entered the house of Antonio Montana - dressed sexy as hell, as usually.

'Hello gentlemen! Is Tony home?', said Molly with a slow and seductive voice. One of the guards made a phone call in order to see whether Montana was accepting visitors or not. It turned out that for Molly he was willing to make an exception – after all even steroid drug dealers are not made out of iron.

'He is waiting for you upstairs.', said to Molly the taller guard while the other one continued to watch an old black and white film from the 40's while cleaning a M16 rifle.

The house of Antonio Montana was built like a fortress. There were cameras everywhere except for his room where all the business was happening. It was a request made by his clients who didn't want somebody recording them on tape during deals.

'Hello Molly! What brings you back here?', said Antonio Montana at the door while moving one of his legs forward in order to hide his b-o-n-e-r.

'Just decided top stop by and see how you are doing. Is this a crime?', whispered Molly into his ear and closed the door. At that point she kissed him while calling Johnny using a cellphone hidden in her left pocket. {Johnny was on speed dial.}. Antonio Montana and Molly were happily making out when somebody started breaking the windows of the building using - this was Johnny and his slingshot. Antonio Montana thought he was under gunfire, pushed Molly away and told her to lay down while he started shooting back even though he couldn't see the enemy.

At about that time California Muscle jumped out of nowhere, dressed like a total gangster, and started spraying cat urine all over the guards of Antono Montana who quite honestly though the was insane and using guns against a mad man was a waste of ammo.

Once the “gunfire” was over Antonio went to see what was happening down stairs since security was not responding. He instructed Molly to stay in his room because there was a possibility that the guards were dead. {The truth for their disobedience was actually the amount of cat urine in their radio stations.} Molly was a very good actress - she shaking and crying the whole time. As soon as Montana was out of the room she took the teddy bear spy camera and put it in her purse. The mission was almost complete. It was time to escape.

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Molly went downstairs while thinking that it all worked out like a well directed play only to see that the guards of Antonio Montana were beating California Muscle quite heavily. There was blood all over the place and by the looks of it he was unconscious. As always, somebody had to pay the price and this time it was him. At this point Molly knew she was fucked since letting Cali in the hands of Antonio Montana was like being accessory to murder. Molly had no choice but to go all in. She took a M16 rifle, left at some old desk from the 16th century, and shoot one of the guards in the knee.

'Bitch!', he said.

She shoot him in the other knee. This is when the other guard and Antonio knew the girl was not joking - Montana was looking at her like a ghost. {he still had a b-o-n-er}. Molly told them to tie themselves to the wall and covered their faces with their jackets – she didn't want them to see how Johnny looks but she needed his help to move the body of California Muscle out.

Once Little J arrived the first thing he noticed was actually not the blood but the insane smell of cat urine all over the place. After a consistent effort Molly and Johnny were able to put Cali in one of Antonio's trucks. They headed straight to the hospital.

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