Saturday, January 25, 2014

The 21 Commandments Of Fake Natural Bodybuilders

1.Do not worship any Gods unless they are anabolic and/or men in g-strings.

2.Inject steroids in your body every day, even on Sunday.

3.Do not use the name of God when you inject steroids.

4.Never tell anyone that you inject hormones in your ass. Not even your mother, father, wife/husband or children.

5.Party hard and have as much sex as you can. Use condoms. Preferably – XXL.

6.Do not murder anyone except steroid dealers who sell fake gear.

7.Lie to your followers or your steroid drug supplies will end by tomorrow morning.

8.Do not honor anybody, not even yourself.

9.Be as greedy as you can be.

10.Obsess over the condition of other male glutes.

12.Learn to say: “I don't use steroids in as many languages as you can.”

13.Never read

14.Use the word “brah” as frequently as you can.

15.Masturbate to a nude photo of yourself at least once a day. Record on video and watch before bed.

16.Wear your holy g-string as often as you can.

17.Use only quality growth hormone.

18.Get a PhD in Nutritional Sciences and make sure everybody you meet is informed you have it.

19.Kill yourself if you cheat by eating fast food. If that's not an option use more steroids to get shredded.

20.Drink your own sperm to increase testosterone production.

21.Enjoy ^^^^


  1. Duke said drink your own sperm ... I gotta reshare this article again ... Have me and peeps cracking up ... Love ya G ... Keep exposing da industry ... You like da batman of fitness here to crack down on fake naturals and scumbags in fitness ... The Bruce Wayne ... ROFL.

  2. irongangsta you're doing a great job with this blog, though you could even turn it up a notch further. all these fitness celebrities, bodybuilders and the whole industry needs all the ridicule they can get.
    keep fighting the good fight, cheers to you, sir.

  3. I agree with the 2 previous posters.You are doing a fantastic job exposing all these scams. I wish i knew about this a long time ago. Could have saved a lot of money and frustration.