Sunday, January 26, 2014

Johnny's Adventures In The Muscle World: Don't Fuck With ME

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It was and Christian T. was already in front of Gay Nation. The office of the company was located at the center of the town and was actually pretty great unlike the products of the firm. Gay Nation was in the so-called supplement business or in other words the business where you exchange nothing for something. It was working pretty well and Christian T. and his friends were making a killing from ignorant teenagers who believed that protein powders and creatine were the way to go. In the meanwhile the whole staff of Gay Nation was injecting hormones in order to get swoll.

Molly was yet to come and Christian T was getting nervous. He started singing some retro songs and ironically one of them was Money by Abba.

'Nice voice.', said Molly from the back.

'Oh. I didn't see you. Let's go inside.'
Of course Christian T. didn't go with Molly in the main part of the office. He decided to use the warehouse where all the powders were stored. He opened his briefcase and his hands were shaking a little bit. He took some kind of a map out of it. It this was not an ordinary map. There were weird symbols like needles and bottles on it. It seems that this was a map that the steroid mob made to separate the different drug zones. It was actually well made and in the middle there was a giant needle.

'How do you know I am not a cop.', asked Molly.

'I checked your history. You worked as a waitress for 6 years. You ain't a cop.'

'Is that so, give me the map and your wife will never found about your addiction.'

'Lol. Not so easy tiger. I will give you the map but you have to give me something more.', said Christian T who obviously wanted to fuck Molly. He grabbed her with his powerful arms and kissed her. His breath was awful and there were rats that smelled better. Molly pushed him and tried to get the map but the fucker was strong. Just this morning he injected 1 000 mg of testosterone – a dose many would consider deadly. For him this was regular stuff.

Chris T. pulled his pants down and said: “Suck my dick, you whore”. His dick was small. In fact small was an understatement. His dick was so tiny that he could win the Small Dick World Cup. Molly was scared but she has been in similar position many times before and had a plan that always worked.

Molly decided to play along and lowered herself right in front of Christian T's genitals.

'Oh, yeah baby. Go for it.', said Christian T who was dreaming of this moment ever since he met Molly.

Molly grabbed the dick of Christian T. She needed only two fingers because it was that small. The waitress was about to put it in her mouth or at least it looked like it. The blonde, however, was prepared for similar scenarios and had a a secret weapon – a ring knife from her grandmother.

Molly pulled out the blades of the ring and cut Christian T's cock in two pieces. Initially Chris thought that Molly tried to bite him or something but just a few seconds later he saw the bloody mess as well as the fact that his male pride was reduced by 50%.

'You fucking bitch.'

Molly punched him in the face and ran with his whole briefcase leaving him dickless and bleeding in the warehouse surrounded by creatine and protein powder bottles.

To be continue...