Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fear Is Control

The best way to force somebody into doing something is to make him scared and frightened. When you fear something, you do. If a guy points a gun to your head you will most certainly do what he tells you too. Well, if you believe he/she is insane enough to pull the trigger in the first place.

Governments, corrupt world management or what will call authorities in general know all of that and of course exploit it to their advantage. One of the ultimate goals is to make people afraid of disobedience. If a person decides to take a loan from a financial institution the bank will make sure that this person is afraid enough from the consequences of not paying the debt that it will be paid even at the highest cost. Nobody wants to lose their home. The same is observed in the working sector.

Whatever they say every boss wants you to be afraid of him. Yes, even the ones that have that friendly smile do. When the employees of the company are afraid they are silent and do their work in order to keep their jobs and monthly money income. Make them fear and they will work for you and do whatever it is that you desire.

The unlimited power of fear does not end here, of course.

The most powerful form of fear exploitation is observed in the church. For centuries in the brains of many has been implemented the wrong understanding that God wants you to be afraid, that God is the boss of us all, sees everything and even reads your mind. Please, admit it finally – many of you follow God because you are afraid the he/she/them/it will punish you for your sins and you will go to hell where your ass will be set on fire for eternity. Religion is based on fear to control people and make them hate themselves, sometimes for unjustified reasons, while those who are responsible for the majority of the suffering get away for free. They are “Illuminati” and know that there is no such thing as Santa Claus, while we are the kids eager to be “good boys and girls” so that we are worthy of our presents.

In the world of fitness and bodybuilding similar principles exist as well, although the levels is much lower. One of the ways the fitness companies use the fear to their advantage is by spreading myths. A common one is the idea that a person needs a certain amount of protein a day in order to preserve muscle mass. It's true, you do need protein in order not to lose your muscles but not nearly as much as claimed by the made up researches sponsored by big corporations. When an individual is afraid that his hard earned contractile tissue will somehow evaporate if 300 grams of protein or so are not introduced into his body he/she/ buys supplements and sales are being made. In many articles dedicated to this very topic topic people like to use phrases like “to be on the safe side eat X amount of food.” It's one big fat lie but please eat 500 grams of protein, to be on the safe side. You pussy. Hope you like shopping in shops dedicated to McDonald's addicts.

Fear is a natural reaction/emotion. They know it, just like they know that we all need food.

Fuck them.

I quit.