Friday, January 24, 2014

Me Against The World

You are alone. Nobody wants to help you. You have no real friends. Your parents consider you a failure and do not respect you. You just don't meet their expectations. What's going to happen? Will you ever get to know what love is? Is there love at all or it's all a scam the books and movies have played on you just to sell more copies? You are not in a position to know the answer to those questions. You think you can come up with something but when you try to apply it in the real world there is always a new variable added to the equation which shatters everything you thought you knew.

People love to see others fail. They love to point fingers at those who just don't meet society's expectations. It's like watching someone else suffer and feel happy that this time it's not you on the burning chair. The definition of a loser increases constantly. Every year there is a new one added to the list. When you are a child the loser is the one who does not have the fancy toys. When you are an adult the loser is the one that is not rich and married with children. When things don't come to you at the right time you start asking yourself whether you have become the 'loser', are you the student who failed the exam everybody else seems to pass? Where does that leave you? How do you make it work? Will life ever going to happen for you? In situations like this there is only one way to survive – declare war on the world and fight for your space on this planet.

The world is a bad place to be. It has always been like that. Everything seems to be money and what is not money today usually becomes money tomorrow. There are no guarantees that your life will be a movie. It's cold here and nobody can make it warm for you.

Nobody. It's just you against the world.