Monday, January 27, 2014

Blinded By God: Religion Is Evil

While the supplement companies are obviously a corrupt part of the system there are much larger problems than a box of protein powder making you fart. The biggest and the ultimate scam in the human world is religion and God. It's the best con, hands down, in the history of homo sapiens. It's been working for a long time and continues to do so to this very day.

Let's see how it all works.

Since birth in the human brain is implemented that we are all sinners who need God and Jesus to set us free. That idea and guilt is being passed from generation to generation. “Don't you dare use the "f" word and God in one sentences?”, said everyone's grandmother. By making everybody believe that God (you can replace that with any god of choice) is the only choice and integrating in the brain of of the masses that religion is the source to divine powers we all become subscribers to the church. The more church subscribers there are, the richer the pope and his crew become all while robbing poor people of their hard earned in the name of an invisible man. Similar behavior does not seem very godly to me.

Virtually every single religion in the world is the same thing under different names. All religions are basically a worship of the Sun that started a long time ago. However, by separating them and making everybody believe that his God is the best the church has taken control over world events and has made the human race weaker since everything that acts in separation is weaker than the group. The pedophiles who hide behind the name of Jesus know all of that very well. Somehow those idiots have been able to convince man kind that there are such things as heaven and hell and our lives only have true meaning if we serve God. Yeah, right! Not everybody is that stupid.

The bible is a book that many have failed to understand. First, it was never supposed to be taken literately – the bible is the greatest story ever told and the keyword here is STORY. The corrupt world management may be many things but being stupid isn't one of them. They know that some people don't have the mental capacity to analyze the bible and see through it. The most effective way to make someone your slave is to cut his access to education early. If it was not for Google Earth most Americans would probably believe that the planet is flat. The bible is a book based on metaphors – tons of them. Problem is this is not obvious to people who only care about sports and beer.

The corrupt world management has used sacred books in order to take control over world events. They interpret the ancient texts in any way they want in order to transform everybody into a slave and achieve their heartless goals while providing plenty of “bread and circuses” - of course, only 1/3 of the world. The church has been preaching Godly virtues while they have all been accumulating wealth and power for centuries. How come the man of God have golden thrones while the poor are suffering? What happened to helping those in need? I don't expect all of this to end anytime soon but the more people realized it the better.

Wake up!


  1. You have stated what many truly believe about religion and God but are afraid to admit. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for the support. The above is a public secret.

  2. You don't believe in the Creator? Damn ... Things must be very difficult in life for you ... Keep ya Head up!

  3. There is a Creator but it's not what they want us to believe.

  4. thank your parents for your creation

  5. God and church are different. Don't give up on God because you see problems with people in church.

  6. First of all I completly agree with you.
    But i think you shouldnt have posted that.
    I really like your blog, i read every single srticle since i randomly found the blog some month ago. I think you should educate the people about the truth of fitness. And Im happy everytime someone likes your facebook page since it means one more guy knows about the circumstances in bodybuilding.
    The reason why i dont like you posting this article is that people are much more thickheaded or whatever you call it about religion than about training and it might make people leave your blog. Again I dont think your message is wrong but the it wasnt the right time to do so. I dont think people are ready for this truth.

    Good Article anyways ;)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I like the new direction of this blog. It's now more about the bigger picture rather than just fitness.

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