Monday, January 13, 2014

Johnny's Adventures In The Muscle World: Girl Got Game

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Molly put all the money, steroids and a few bottles of growth hormone in the trunk of the Blueberry and started the car. She was headed straight towards the local gym, Homo Planet, where she was going to try sell the goods she stole from CT Flat Brain and his son. After about 20 minutes of driving the waitress, now steroid dealer, arrived at the training facility.

She knew very well that looks sell products. For that reason Molly cut her blouse just a little bit so that a small portion of her nipple was showing. The girl was able to make pretty solid money from tips using that ancient technique. Molly was smart and informed enough to know that usually the guys with the biggest muscles were the true steroid junkies willing to do anything to get bigger. The blonde hearbreaker looked around and found her victim. He was a middle age man with huge chest muscles doing heavy bench presses. For the sake of this story we will call him – Christian T. Molly slowly approached the man like a scorpion looking to sting its new victim.

'Hi. It's so hot in here.', said Molly while trying to stretch her hamstrings on the bench next to the one used by Christian T. After observing what was happening before his eyes Chris experienced insane blood flow in a sacred place – forgotten to him feeling due to severe abuse of every steroid under the sun. His balls simply didn't produce much of the male hormone on their own and proper supplementation was needed in order for Chris to be considered a true alpha male.

'Hi, cutie! What can I do for you?' said Chris and consciously started flexing his pecs.

'Why don't you buy me a drink from the bar?', said Molly while biting her lower lip.

'Of course. Let's go!', said Chris who was actually just starting his chest workout and skipping one was something he hasn't done in decades. He didn't hesitate much to make this one an exception.

'You look in great shape. How often do you train?', asked Chris.

'Every day. The body you see pays my bills.', replied Molly while taking a sip.

'Listen, if you want we can go out for dinner sometime.', proposed Chris.

'Of course. But first I need a little help with something. My brother seems to be a drug addict. I found a bag of drugs in his car. He claims it's steroids he takes due to hormonal therapy. Can you take a look and tell me if it's really steroids.', answered Molly.

Chris was a little shocked. He did not expect Molly to say something like that and for a second thought his boner catalyst was a cop.

'You are not a cop right. Cause if you are you should know that I am all natural – just genetics, hard work and tons of milk. I also have very high testosterone. People even call me the T-Man.', said Christian T while scratching his dick unconsciously.

'Of course I am not a cop. I am a stripper.', said Molly.

'Show me the money then.', said the T-Man.

Molly and Chris went to the Blueberry and the waitress/drug dealer/fictional stripper opened the trunk and showed the steroids to the T-Man.

'That's really muscle drugs...some quality growth hormone right there. My friend CH4 {nickname} swears by it.....he got huge as hell.', screamed Chris after seeing what were potentially 10 months of muscle elixir supplies.

'Listen, I will sell you everything for 10 grant. My brother does not need that shit even if it's just steroids.', said Molly while smiling.

{Remember that the whole time 1/3 of her nipple is showing}

'You got it girl. But you still agree to go out with me.', asked Chris.

'Sure.', replied Molly even though she did not hear anything after 'You got it girl.'

10 grant and a Blueberry car richer, the waitress/drug dealer/fictional stripper was moving up in the world but in the meanwhile her old friends were not wasting time.

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