Sunday, January 19, 2014

6 Reasons To Delete Your Facebook Account

1.Protection of personal data

Having personal data online can be risky. You know something is wrong when you can see someone in a swimsuit by just typing his or her name in the search box of a free to access web-site. If you are in war would you provide information to your enemies? 10 years ago uploading your life online for millions to see would have been labeled as a ludicrous action but big egos and narcissism are hard to beat.


Facebook could be a super boring place where individuals are constantly sharing annoying information nobody is interested in. All the pages look the same and there is zero creativity options given to the users. It's like a phonebook. Browsing through the different profiles who all look the same and contain annoying memes and e-cards can make a person drift away.

3.Fake social circle expansion

While Facebook is a place where people are supposed to make friends and meet new contacts this rarely occurs. The majority of humans use Facebook merely as a chat client to communicate with their friends and family. Strangers who want to “be friends with you” are either treated as total creeps and stalkers or are simply ignored and left to enjoy their online death.

4.Be different

While all of your friends are constantly on their phones pressing the screen like made maniacs you have a chance to be different and act like you are above all of this. Some will look up to you while others will consider you weird and close minded. Whatever it is you will stand out from the crowd.

5.Save time

If you love life, don't waste time, for time is what life is made up of.
-Bruce Lee

Spending hours on Facebook just to list through the photos of your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend is not very productive in the long term. Once you delete your Facebook account you may feel like you've lost your job since a lot of free time will be left. You can use it to play video games or read No irony intended.

6.Nobody gives a fuck

This is the biggest problems of all – nobody gives a fuck what you are doing on Facebook. Even people who stalk you are doing it just to help themselves feel better by seeing that you have miserable life too. That's the truth. Nobody cares what are you favorite movies, music groups and whatever the fuck is on your mind.

Facebook is all about: “Look at me! Me! Me! Me!”. It's meant to be used as an easy, affordable and fast way to make you feel like you are the center of attention even though you are not. If you go and delete your Facebook account today nobody will care. If somebody notices, consider yourself lucky. 

P.S. It's ironic that I am about to post that article on the Facebook page of