Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Johnny's Adventures In The Muscle World:The Treasure

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After the unpleasant experience Molly had with Christian T she decided to go to the local park and calm her down. She sat on a bench and for about 1 hour just looked at the fountain in front of her. Finally, she decided to examine the map she took from Chris-T. It was an extremely detailed chart presenting different drug zones – not only steroids but also narcotics such as cocaine and ironically ecstasy (Molly is slang for ecstasy).

The information in the hands of Molly was great but she didn't know what to do with it. The police department in the town was too corrupt and she was hired by IronGangsta.com after all. Being a bad girl who likes to watch a lot of TV Series such as White Collar Molly decided to play detective and pulled out her UV detector in order to check for hidden signs. Everything was looking pretty normal and the inspection was about to end when the lamp passed over the center the map. There were some kind of numbers resembling coordinates - 30°51′39″N 100°35′54″W.

Luckily Molly had one of those fancy phones that people were calling smart and entered the data into Google Earth. According to the Big Brother the location was somewhere in this very town. To be precise the coordinates were pointing to some kind of old monument in the center of the town. It was just a few blocks away and Molly decided to examine it in order to see what was so special about it.

The monument was weird to say the least. It represented a Golden Men Masturbating on a building. It was a wild thing although locals were pretty accustomed to it. But why would that monument be of any interest to Christian T and Antonio Montana. What was so special about that dude?


'This is the bitch. Take her.', said somebody.

The voice came behind Molly's back and she turned to see what was going on. Two guys who were incredibly similar to the guards of Antonio Montana were just 10 or 15 steps away from her. They were the perfect definition of armed and dangerous and looked like two hungry and angry pitbulls who haven't eaten for 2 days to a year. Normally, Molly was going to stay for the fun but decided to test the record of Usain Bolt. After all her father used to say that running was the best form of self-defense.

Molly started running.

'Hey, bitch! Stop or we will shoot.”

Molly had a M-16 rifle in her bag but there were too many civilians and she was not the most precise shooter in the world. In fact, she sucked, but don't tell anyone. The former waitress reached one of the main streets and approached the first car parked at the side of the road.

'Hey, sexy how you doing?', said the driver.

'Very nice.', answered Molly and punched him in the face. He was knocked out, cold.

Molly moved the driver to the front passenger seat and started the car.

She was gone but new very well that time was not on her side. Molly decided to organize one more meeting of the old crew.

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