Friday, January 24, 2014

Sports – The Greatest Distraction

What are sports?

Sports are man made games which allow people to compete against each other under specific rules and with one end goal dictating the course of action. Similar activities are entertaining since they give people the opportunity to express their suppressed desire for competition and desperate need to belong to a group. In a way sports are like a war where everyone is tested but no one gets hurt, supposedly. People love violence and aggressiveness and for that reason sports are considered entertaining. However, there is more to the picture than the eyes of the masses see.

There are two main goals behind every sport event – making money and distracting the public. Sports celebrities seem to have the highest salaries in the world, even though their work is not very significant in the long run. In order for a single individual to make a fortune he/she must receive small amounts from many other individuals. Sports make that physically possible. Therefor a lot of income is being generated. The average monthly salary of a mainstream sport celebrity is about as much as a firefighter makes in 10-20 years. Actually, this phenomenon is a great illustration of a much bigger problem – rich countries get richer while poor countries continue to suffer. Something is obviously wrong here but are we able to see it? Or should I say are we allowed to see it?

While the revenue generated by sport activities is pretty sweet the real value of games hides in the ability they give to perform the oldest trick in the book – the victim is being distracted while criminals are doing the work. If you think about it everything starts at a very young age. When mommy and daddy want to talk about serious issues the child is sent to play with his toys or on the computer. In other words while the really important things are being discussed game based activities are used as a distraction. The wealthy people who run the human world make their plans while the poorly educated are fighting and obsessing over meaningless sport games. Since sports idols have been integrated in the human brains since child birth nobody ever dares to question the process – it's always good. Many of you have probably heard the old expression “bread and circuses” which was used in the Roman Empire to describe the manipulation of the masses achieved through exploitation and satisfaction of one's primitive needs and therefor not giving time to analyze, research and think. It all started about 44 B.C. and is still working to this very day.

“Who won the game?” is a question asked very often. The right one to ask, however, is this one: “Who gives a flying fuck about who won the game?”. Even if “your” team won what's in it for you? You paid your ticket fees, you wasted time to go and watch the game but even when your team wins you still get nothing except for some sort of a weird feeling of accomplishment even though the actions of the public have almost no impact on the end results.

Wake up! It's not you making the millions but it's you paying. Rich, greedy and evil dirty bastards are laughing all the way to the bank while we are defending the “values” of a team or an individual we've never even met in real life. It's pretty crazy...wait. It's not pretty crazy – it's extremely crazy.

The day of every single person on this earth has 24 hours. If we let evil con men fill our 24 hours with fast food, idol worshiping and fake tits while they are making a killing on the human stock exchange market we will never win the game called life. And this is the only game that matters.