Thursday, January 30, 2014

20 Weird Paradoxes In The World

1.If you go to the local supermarket and steal a bottle of milk the security will report you to the authorities but if you steal millions from poor people every day as a banker or a stock broker it's perfectly fine and acceptable. People consider the first person a low life piece of shit and thief while the other person is a class act.

2.If you spend the evening watching movies and porn you “don't have a life” but if you go out and get drunk with a bunch of idiots you “have a life”.

3.If you ask a stranger on the street for a cigarette you may get a “YES” but if you ask for a Vitamin C pill you will most certainly get a “are you fucking crazy”.

4.If you list through someone's Facebook photos it's fine but if you follow him physically you are a “stalker”.

5.When Paul Walker dies it's a tragedy many are affected by, but if a firefighter dies nobody cares.

6.If you tell people that you are going to pay them later you are considered a liar, but if you tell them there is somebody in the sky watching what they do all the time they will believe you.

7.If you tell people that they can have whatever they want by just imagining it and thinking positively (law of attraction) they will believe you, but if their Internet connection breaks they will call the Internet operator.

8.If a woman sleeps with lots of guys she is a whore but if a man sleeps with lots of women he is a player.

9.It is perfectly fine to brag about having sex with endless amount of people but if you have AIDS you are considered a loser.

10.It is perfectly fine to suck the dick of your boss but calling him a faggot is a big “No-No”.

11.It is perfectly fine to kill thousands of people in a war but if you kill a rapist pedophile you go to prison where you get fucked in the ass by other men.

12.It is perfectly fine to say your prayers before eating but you say nothing before shitting. Next time try this: thank you God for this wonderful opportunity!

13.It is perfectly fine to stay late at night and learn difficult mathematical formulas which you will never need in your life after the exam is passed, but it's not ok to stay late at night and do nothing even thought that's the most used skill today.

14.If is perfectly fine to Google your name but if you say out loud: “I fucking love myself.” you are considered a narcissist.

15.It is ok for two women to kiss but when men do it it's gay.

16.It is ok to post pictures of yourself in bikini on Facebook so that strangers can see them but when they ask for your phone number you say: “Get the fuck out freak!”

17.It is ok to criticize somebody for being too hard on himself but when you say: “You are fat as hell” you are into trouble.

18.It is ok to play SUDOKU but if you play video games you are a loser who needs to get a life.

19.If you don't vote you are a loser who does not care about his country but if you vote for brain dead politicians you are a responsible citizen.

20.If you sell cigarettes on the street you are a loser who makes money by making people sick, but if you are the CEO of Philip Morris you are God among men.