Sunday, January 26, 2014

Life Is Not A Game Of Chess

Many people like to compare the world to a game of chess because in chess you can't move backwards, only forwards. While this is true is here to tell you that life is not a game of chess or should we say – the human game is not a game of chess.

In chess the two players have equal amount of resources and weapons. Your figures do the same as mine. The only difference is that one of the players has to start first in order for the actual game to begin. I don't think something like this ever occurs in the human game. People are equal but not socially equal. What this mean is quite simple – my day has 24 hours, your day has 24 hours, when I get hit with a baseball bat I hurt, when you get hit with a baseball bat you hurt as well, I age, you age, I am born, you are born, I die, you die...etc. In other words the very human nature of every person makes him/her/them equal.

In the human social circles, however, there is no such thing as all men and women being equal – some are the Paris Hiltons while others live on the street or worse. Where are the principles of chess in that? If anything, it looks like some players have all Queens while others have barely a few pawns to play with and “make it happen.” Like I've written extensively in this article – famous people won most of the game the day they were born. Hard work can only take you so far.

Experts say that one of the main qualities that make a good chess player great is the ability to look forward and predict the moves of the opponent. How in the word are you suppose to do something like that in life? It works, a little bit, and you can truly predicts some things and built a strategy around the possible results but there are far two many variables that are out of your control. There are no regulations in life, and even though there are some it looks like they quite often disappoint.

Chess is a man made game.

Life is a nature made game.

Last time I checked, men can't fuck with nature.