Thursday, January 16, 2014

Johnny's Adventures In The Muscle World: Lifting The TV

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Johnny and California muscle were on the road once again. The expected duration of the journey was unexpected since the vehicle of choice was a double bike and the engine of fate were the quadriceps and hamstrings of a steroid bodybuilder and a skinny nerd. After about 4 hours of continuous pedaling Little J and California Muscle were about to enter the town. In order not to be recognized they had to change their clothes. Luckily there was cheap 1 dollar store near by. Both men felt like they hit gold. California Muscle decided to use the hat below to cover his identity.
While Johnny decided to go all the way and bought the following suit only in black.
The whole transformation required about 4 dollars. It was worth it, or so did they thought.

Cali and Johnny knew very well that the best way to acquire concrete evidence against Antonio Montana was to take pictures of him during deals with steroids and growth hormone. To tell the truth, California Muscle felt like a dick for doing something like that because for years he has been buying similar goods from illegal sources. In this situation he felt like he had no choice but to fuck them all and save his own ass.

Cali was well informed and knew that deals usually happened at night and at the back of Crap Is Golden gym. That's why he and Johnny had to buy a powerful camera that was able to take nights shots from a distance. They both had no money and nobody was suppose to know they were in town. No that there was chance to recognize them anyway. The only option was to go to a pawn shop.
In the pawn shop:

'We need a camera for night shooting.', said California Muscle to the pawbroker and tried to sound as tough as they make them, hoping to be intimidating and lower the price.

'Wait a second. I have exactly what you need.', answered the pawnbroker. After a few minutes she came back with something like this:

'Damn, that looks nice.', said California Muscle showing his affinity for big things. 'How much?', he asked.

'600 bucks.', said the pawnbroker.

'We only have 10 bucks. We will give you the rest later.', said California Muscle and tried to take the camera from the hands of the broker.

'No,no,no. No pay, no play.', replied the seller.

'Can't we figure out something under the table.', said California Muscle and winked.

The woman looked him in the eyes, then towards the floor and then to the right.

'Yes, actually. If you help me lift one big TV in the other room I will sell you the camera for 100 bucks and you can pay me later.', said the pawnbroker.

'Sure.', said Cali.

After lifting the TV for 20 minutes California Muscle got out, took the camera and went outside where Johnny was waiting for him.

It was time for some time for some action.

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