Friday, January 17, 2014

Johnny's Adventures In The Muscle World: The Tree House

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After acquiring the necessary equipment for taking distance photos at night Califronia Muscle and Johnny had to find the perfect place to hide and wait for Antonio Montana to make a deal. There were not that many buildings around Crap Is Golden Gym suitable for that job and some kind of improvisation needed to be done. Dressed in their new disguises Cali and Little J were examining the area from all perspectives. Johnny was about to say 'Fuck it. I give up.' before seeing something interesting.

'Look, Tazan's Treehouse!', said Little J and pointed towards some kind of a tree house over the river.

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'That's nice. Let's see if there is anybody in it.', said California Muscle and removed his hat.

The tree house seemed like the place where teenagers went to smoke weed and pretended they had more brain cells than they actually had. The smell of marijuana was so strong that California Muscle and Little J were able to feel it when they started climbing.

The tree tower even had windows and none of them were broken which was a sign that the place was maintained on regular basis. California Muscle and Little J slowly approached the entrance when Cali whispered: 'Watch out! and made Little J lay down. 'There's somebody there', added California Muscle. Little J was the one who had to look up the window in order to see what's going on because California Muscle had crazy “afro” and putting on his hat required serious time. His hair was just full blown:
Even though Little J was scared, what happened over the last couple of days gave him more than a few chances to surprise himself. He moved to the left a little bit and looked through the corner of the window. What he saw that day could never be unseen. Never. It was a little something like this:

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'There are some nuns getting wasted.', reported Little J and placed his hand on the heart as a sign that he was telling the truth. It was not enough for California Muscle and despite the risk of being seen he also looked through the window – Little J was telling the truth. The world was going crazy.

'We have to make the bitches go away! We need that tree house!', said California Muscle. Little J had a brilliant idea.

'Go down and start shaking the tree.', said Little J and pointed towards the ladder.

'What? Are you crazy?' replied California Muscle and did a crazy face himself.

'Trust me. I know what I am doing.', said Little J. California Muscle decided to ignore his inner feeling and decided to follow the plan of Johnny. Once he was at the base of the tree the muscular man started shaking it with his powerful arms. At the same time Little J was looking through the corner of the window. At some point the movement of the tree started to get more noticeable and the nuns started talking: 'What is going on? Is this an earthquake.' At about that point Little J placed his hands in front of his mouth and started screaming with somewhat sophisticated pronunciation:

'Jesus is watching! Jesus knows. He will punish you for your sins!

The nuns though it was the weed talking and started screaming. The sounds were awful and resembled a pig horn or something. After a few minutes the women were exiting the house one by one. They were so affected that on the way out they did not even see Little J. This is how the power duo finally had the perfect place to take the photos they needed so desperately. 

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