Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bodybuilders When They Were Young (15 photos) presents fifteen photos of famous bodybuilders when they were younger or even little kids. The photos you are about to see have been collected from the cyber space and reveal that the bodybuilding gods you know are human after all and at one point or another looked somewhat normal.

Note: Some of the bodybuilders in the pictures have already started using anabolic steroids and growth hormone even at age this young.

Image credit: | Young Arnold Schwarzenegger
Image via: | Young Serge Nubret
Image via: | Young Larry Scott {first Mr. Olympia}
Image via | Steve Reeves when he was 15 y.o.
Image via 
Young Reg Park {first bodybuilder to bench 500lbs and Arnold's role model}
Image via | Current Mr. Olympia Phil Heath
Image via : | Young Dave Palumbo
Image via | Young Lou Ferrigno
Image via: | Young Mike Mentzer
Image via: | Young Frank Zane {three times Mr. Olympia}
Image via: | Dennis James
Image via:
 Ronnie Coleman as a little kid
Image via: | Young Branch Warren
Image credit: unknown | Young Tom Platz
Image credit: unknown | Victor Richards at 16