Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Little Known Facts About The Kettlebell

Over the last decade or so the use of kettlebells has gone through the roof. They are everywhere and as popular as Lady Gaga. Today, presents some little know facts about that piece of equipment.

1.People have hard time determining the actual origins of the kettlebell. The most popular opinion is that this crazy piece of iron has originated in Russia. However, many disagree and say it all started in Scotland and the Scottish Highland Gatherings. The truth will most likely never be known but this does not stop gurus from marketing an iron cannonball with a handle as some sort of mystical testosterone releasing and Nobel prize winning fitness equipment.

2.The world largest kettlebells are about 108kgs and used mainly for the so-called basic exercise – kettlebell swing.

Image credit: | When people lift the heaviest kettlebell they usually look like they are trying to divide 213 by 13. 

3. Despite what they tell you, a kettlebell can be broken.

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4.Pyotr Kryloff a.k.a. Pierre Kryloff (1871 – 1933) was a famous old-time strongman, athlete and wrestler. He took part in circus performances under the name “The King of Kettlebells” in the beginning of the XX century. {More in Russian}

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5.There is a myth going on that you need flat shoes when training with kettlebells. Wrong! You can train with kettlebells in heels.

Note: This one is a joke.

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6. The "Russian" kettlebells sold by Pavel Tsatousline are made in China. It's all business as usual.

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7. Arnold Schwarzenegger prefers to pose with dumbbells instead of kettlebells. He never used the latter.

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8. The Christian Church allows the use of kettlebells.

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Orthodox priest, Father John A. Peck, juggles with kettlebells
 and hand grippers (gotta keep that left hand strong)
on regular basis.