Tuesday, January 21, 2014

20 More Rare Photos Of Steve Reeves

Due to the interst caused by the previous post presenting 25 photos of Steve Reeves in his movies IronGangsta.com has collected 20 more rare photos of the idolized bodybuilder. Once again, pay special attention to the fact that Mr. Steve Reeves is considered one of the most genetically gifted bodybuilders in history and yet he is far from the level of muscular development we see today because he didn't abuse every muscle building elixir under the sun. 

Unfortunately, there are many people who beleive that the reason for the large increase of muscular developement showed in fitness magazines today is due to better nutrition and training. In reality nothing could be further from the truth.

Image credit: http://ditillo2.blogspot.com/  Steve Reeves in the army {1945}

Image credit: http://www.mrfire.com/ | Steve Reeves shopping
Image credit: http://www.strength-oldschool.com/ | Steve Reeves training arms
Image credit: http://www.icollector.com/ | Steve Reeves with an axe.
Image credit: http://www.peplumtv.com/ | Edmund Purdom is getting trained by Steve Reeves, Dick Dubois and Louis Calhern in the movie ATHENA {1954}
Image credit: http://www.peplumtv.com/ | sword fight between Captain Morgan (Steve Reeves) and his opponent (Armand Mestral) in Morgan The Pirate {1961}
Image credit: http://www.stevereevesbiography.com/ | Steve & Aline Reeves {1963}
Image credit: http://www.stevereevesbiography.com/ | Steve & Aline Reeves {1978}
Image credit: http://www.stevereevesbiography.com/ |  Steve Reeves in 1993
Image credit http://davelandblog.blogspot.com/ | Steve Reeves & spa

Image credit: http://www.briansdriveintheater.com/ | Steve Reeves In Hercules Unchained {1959}
Image credit: http://www.stevereevesbiography.com/ | Reeves with co star Genevieve Grad in Sandokan The Great {1963}
Image credit: http://www.stevereevesbiography.com/ | Steve Reeves in A Long Ride From Hell {1968}
Image credit: http://www.yuchtar.com | Steve Reeves portrait

Image credit: http://americanprofile.com/ | Steve Reeves in the Giant Of Marathon {1959}
Image credit: http://www.ebay.com | Steve Reeves holding a giant weapon
Image credit: http://www.peplumtv.com/ | Audrey Landers & Steve Reeves In The 80s
Image credit: http://www.www.joeweider.com/ | Joe Weider with Aline and Steve Reeves
Image credit: http://www.strength-oldschool.com | Steve Reeves arm measuring
Image credit: http://articlesfilmesantigosclub.blogspot.com/ | Steve Reeves poster